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Anna Elle. Visual artist


While working at home office during pandemic in 2020 I had a very strong emotional calling to resume painting after a long break and begun to paint portraits of my friends and family members using acrylics, oil and pencils. When I painted the people around me, I realised how beautiful people are when you look at them closely.

I barely started, but had a feeling I want to try various mediums; it led me to study gesso, metallic golden leaf, wax pastel, acrylic pouring, dry point, monotype, etc. I painted my emotions in abstract way using gesso paste and acrylics. Traveling to Baikal lake in Siberia inspired me to paint a series of abstract works using acrylic pouring medium.

A friend of mine asked me to decorate her doctors’ office. I decorated it for free and provided my services for one year. She called me few weeks later and bought my paintings. She told me that her patients like my art and that she can personally recover by looking at them after having difficult patients. This was the best compliment my work has received. I am profoundly grateful to all my customers for all their support and trust.

The art collectors reviews to my work inspires me a lot. So by the end of 2020, I decided to dedicate myself to art creation and transitioned from insurance accounting to full-time artist job.

By buying my art, you are supporting mental health projects as 10% of my profit is going to charities.


Studios of well-positioned, modern fine artist: Vladimir Kireev, Alexey Orlovsky, Alexandr Livanov etc.


30th Exhibition of Young Artists of Moscow in 2009

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